Goodbye Ethiopia….(for now)

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So we are leaving Ethiopia today.  We’re sitting in the departures section of the airport, in fact!  The international terminal had good internet, and while I download a few kindle books for the long flight, I thought I’d write a … Continue reading


Trip to Tiya

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Ethiopia is home to seven USESCO World Heritage sites. Lalibela, which is home to the largest group of monolithic rock-hewn churches, There’s the ancient city of Axum in the Tigray region in the North of Ethiopia which is home to the obelisks, stelae, … Continue reading


Lost in Translation…

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Lost in Translation…. It’s hard living in a non-English speaking country. It’s hard enough when the people can speak English…like in Switzerland last year…when I tried to speak to them in German they would immediately respond in English. It’s like … Continue reading



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Jijiga is the eastern most city in Ethiopia.  It’s in the Somaliland region of Ethiopia and is the last town before Somaliland – takes roughly three hours to reach the border on the dusty road.  Once at the border there … Continue reading


Diani – White Beaches just 4 hours from Addis!

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Diani Beach, Southern end of the East Coast of Kenya Ethiopia is a land locked country and Tim and I are both water babies.  But the lakes here are sketchy and swimming in them is not at all recommended, so … Continue reading