Me (Sophie) and Him (Tim).  He’s pretty cool for a guy.  We do fun things together.  One day I said to him, I said: “Man, I want to go on an adventure with you.  I think we should go to Africa.”  And he replied “Ok Princess, I will see what I can do.”

And that was that.  So began our African adventure.  Tim got a job and made plans.  Everyone thought we were doing it on a whim.  It wouldn’t be the first time for me: “lalalala let’s do this, lalala let’s do that…”

But we looked on google and read people’s blogs.  We took every African book out of the local library.  We bought self-teaching language packs and chanted foreign languages back to the stereo as we drove up the country.  We thought about it so much that I began to dream about it!  Excitement!  Mum, Dad and Poppy said “don’t go” — but I desperately wanted an adventure, and when you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.

So Tim will leave in two weeks and I will wait here, doodling African pictures on my arms and hands until exams are over and I can join him over there…

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