This is mine and Tim’s blog (but mostly mine!) for you all to read when you want to know what we’ve been up to!  We’ll be living in Addis Ababa for the next wee while – it’s in Ethioipa, for anyone who doesn’t know!  Addis is the capital city but also a state of Ethiopia and is located just left of the very middle of the country when you look at it on a map.  Ethiopia is the in “horn” of Africa – that’s on the far eastern side of the African continent.  But you can look at the picture below to figure it out if you don’t already know.  To get to Addis from New Zealand, you take a flight to via Dubai or Cairo.  Then you take a flight from Dubai to Bole International Airport in Addis.

Ethiopia: the orange country in the horn of Africa. Addis is the capital city/state and is shown as the white star

Those wanting to come visit us (please do!!!) must get vaccinated against Yellow Fever.  It’s around $65 and it means you will not only be protected against it, but also countries like the States and Australia will let you back in!  If you don’t get the vaccination, countries like these won’t let you in.  Addis is waaay about sea level: 2355m.  Unless you are going into the low lands, you needn’t get vaccinated against Malaria.  The Lonely Planet Guide and various travel doctors say you are safe if you are above 2000m.  You only need rabies if you intend on staying for an extended period of time or if you will be spending a lot of time outside, or if you will be exposed to bats.  Cholera is recommended: it’s only a drink so no needles!  And it’s about $40 a dose.  My nurse recommended me this site for advice on what vaccines to get.


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  1. Hi Soph, love reading your travelog, and looks like you are having a fantastic time. Life here is a bit dull in comparison! Love


    • Hi Uncle Andy!!!
      I’m having a great time, but living in Ethiopia has made me realise that living in New Zealand is never dull! You know, an average kiwi weekend when I was at Uni consisted of going on a 4WDriving adventure or a hunting trip with Tim or just going up to his farm to play, but in Addis we’re limited to cafes and a couple of museums that we’ve already done. No one here has any concept of what getting into the outdoors is all about. I miss the awesome playgrounds New Zealand has to offer on weekends. We’re so lucky, we can go tramping, go to the beach or go up to the lakes…Ethiopia is landlocked and there’s no way of getting to the coast of Eritrea due to the conflict between the two countries, Djibouti is hellishly expensive and the water in all but one of the lakes here are deemed to risky to swim in (some kind of buggy parasite thing). New Zealand is a paradise, don’t feel like you’re missing out (..too much…!!!)

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