Things I love about Ethiopia

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The fruit juice.  When you ask for no sugar, you get a mug full of pure juice puree…Mango juice equals mango pulped up, strawberry juice equals smashed up strawberry pulp….sometimes so thick you can stand your spoon in it!  And … Continue reading


Debre Libanos

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Ever since we got our new driver, we’ve been going really cool places.  He’s been a driver for something like 20 years, so he knows where everything is, and he also used to do driving for tours for ferangis.  He’s … Continue reading


Happy Timkat!!

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So it’s Timkat in Ethiopia.  Timkat is the celebration of the baptism of Jesus (Timkat = baptism in Amharic) and it’s considered to be a bigger deal than Easter here.  Which makes sense, since Easter is when Jesus died, so … Continue reading

Addis Dogs

Took this sneaky pic of Tim the other day – he’s such a softie with animals!!  There are so many stray dogs in Addis, you see them everywhere you go.  Puppies, too.  Sometimes there will be an Ethiopian guy on the side of the road holding a couple of puppies with their eyes barely open.  He’ll come up to your car window and say “150 Birr! 150 Birr!”.  This is something like $9 US.  They are so cute I could die!!!  It’ so hard to say no, but people are heavily advised not to buy them…some ferangis have done so in the past only to later find out the puppies have rabies…

Tim has adopted a puppy in the field and called her Dish.  Every time he comes home I hear all about Dish!!  He told me he braided her a pink collar with flagging tape…here’s a pic of her:

Dish-dog…Tim’s other girl for when he’s in the field